Hello all,

Thanks very much to everyone who helped me trying to find relevant data
concerning regional variation of body dimensions of the european
elderly. Here's a summary of the resources I was recommended, (which,
sadly, I had already checked):

- DINED data base:
http://www.io.tudelft.nl/research/ergonomics/research.php. To access
all data, you should contact j.f.m.molenbroek@io.tudelft.nl
- Multicultural Anthropometry Data Set offered from the Department of
Trade and Industy (dti) of the U.K.'s Government Consumer
Safety Research Center. Can be ordered for free from
- Pheasant, S. (1986). Bodyspace: anthropometry, ergonomics and design.
Taylor and Francis.

Miguel Tito
Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia
Tel. 96 136 60 32

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