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Summary: Ageing european's anthropometric regional variation

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  • Summary: Ageing european's anthropometric regional variation

    Hello all,

    Thanks very much to everyone who helped me trying to find relevant data
    concerning regional variation of body dimensions of the european
    elderly. Here's a summary of the resources I was recommended, (which,
    sadly, I had already checked):

    - DINED data base: To access
    all data, you should contact
    - Multicultural Anthropometry Data Set offered from the Department of
    Trade and Industy (dti) of the U.K.'s Government Consumer
    Safety Research Center. Can be ordered for free from
    - Pheasant, S. (1986). Bodyspace: anthropometry, ergonomics and design.
    Taylor and Francis.

    Miguel Tito
    Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia
    Tel. 96 136 60 32

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