Foot and Ankle Research Retreat II
Measuring Foot Motion: Forward and Inverse Dynamics
April 30 - May 1, 2004

Sponsored by:

The Foot and Ankle Special Interest Group of the
Orthopedic Section of the American Physical Therapy Association
The University of Southern California

Conference Organizers:

Irene McClay Davis, PhD, PT
Deborah Nawoczenski, PhD, PT
Blaise Williams, PhD, PT

Keynote Speakers:

Arne Lundberg, MD, PhD
Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden

Neil Sharkey, PhD
Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA


Until recently, the majority of studies involving foot mechanics have
represented the foot as a single rigid body. Given that the foot has
over 30 bones and 30 articulations, this is an extremely oversimplified
approach. The mission of this research retreat is to explore new ways
of measuring foot motion. Abstracts on both inverse and forward models
are invited for submission. In addition, papers that investigate new
ways of segmenting the foot or use new technology for measuring foot
motion are encouraged. It is hoped that this retreat will provide a
forum for rich academic discussion of approaches to the problem of
measuring the inherent complexities of the foot.

Retreat Format

This 1.5 day retreat will incorporate 1 hr presentations by the keynote
speakers who have been invited for their body of knowledge in the area
of foot measurement. In addition, 15 minute podium presentations will
be given by the participants with accepted abstracts. There will be
ample time alloted for discussions.

Abstract Submission Process


Abstracts must be research-based and be related to the topic of
'Measurement of Foot Motion'. Recent abstracts presented in the past
year may also be submitted. All abstracts will undergo peer review and
will be evaluated for both scientific merit and relevance to the
retreat. Notification of acceptance will be given by November 30,
2003. Following the meeting, the abstracts will be published in the
Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy.


Abstracts must be one page 1 length, with 1 inch margins (side, bottom,
and top), and full justified. 11 or 12 font Ariel is the preferred
font. All abstracts must be in Microsoft Word format. The title
should be centered on the top line in capital letters. The author(s)
and their affiliation should be placed on the second and third lines
respectively. The following section headings should be in capital
letters and left justified: Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion,
and Conclusions. Recently presented abstracts must designate where and
when they were presented at the bottom of the page.


An original and one blinded copy of the abstract (authors and
affiliations removed) should be emailed to:

Irene McClay Davis, PhD, PT
Phone: (302)831-4263

Please include your work and home phone numbers with your submission.

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