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rearfoot neutral and ISB

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  • rearfoot neutral and ISB

    Topic: Rearfoot neutral: Validity and reliability.

    Thanks to: D. Nicolella, P. Canannagh, R. Turchiniak, T. Cahalan, T. van
    den Bogert & T. Kernozek for your replies to a previous request for info on
    this topic. We have an ongoing interest in foot mechanics, and are keen to
    establish a standard for baseline measures of the rearfoot. We will be
    attending ISB in Paris and would like to arrange a meeting with people with
    similar interests and/or knowledge in this area, who might also be going.
    The meeting details will be posted on the noticeboard. If you are not going
    , please keep in touch anyway. We will notify you of the procedings of our
    meeting and any discussions.

    Richard Smith & Adrienne Hunt and others at the Biomechanics Division of
    the Faculty of Health Sciences, Sydney.
    + Richard Smith e-mail: +
    + Head, Biomechanics Division, Department of Biological Sciences, +
    + Faculty of Health Sciences, ,-_|\ +
    + The University of Sydney voice: +61 2 646 6462 / \ +
    + East Street, Lidcombe, NSW 2141 fax: +61 2 646 6520 \_,-._* +
    + AUSTRALIA v +