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From: "Riley Splittstoesser"
Sent: Monday, November 03, 2003 6:57 PM
Subject: Ergonomist position at the University of North Carolina

> The University of North Carolina is looking for an Ergonomist to join
> the Health and Safety team. This candidate will develop and implement a
> comprehensive ergonomics program for the University of North Carolina at
> Chapel Hill. The program will include identifying positions that have
> ergonomic action triggers and other risk factors; procedures for
> of current work practices and job safety analysis; implementing policies
> procedures to minimize or reduce the ergonomic hazards; provide education
> optimize comfort, safety and health; facilitate university compliance with
> OSHA ergonomic requirements; and assess the quality and success of the
> University's ergonomic program. The minimum requirements include a
> of Science in Ergonomics, Occupational Heath and Safety, Human Factors,
> Occupational therapy, physical therapy or related field with significant
> course work in Ergonomics. This position may require some night and/or
> weekend work to meet customer hours of operations. Salary range
$34,046 -
> $53,809. For an application, phone (919) 962-2991, or apply at:
> Department, Office of Human Resources, The University of North Carolina at
> Chapel Hill, CB #1045, 725 Airport Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27599-1045; or
> applications are available on the University web site
> ( for direct link).
> Application must include the following: position number 37490 and
> Department number 2371. For additional information, please contact Mary
> Crabtree, Workplace Safety Manager at (919) 962-5719.
> Riley Splittstoesser, MS AEP
> Department of Environment, Health & Safety
> 212 Finley Golf Course Rd., CB #1650
> Chapel Hill, NC 27517-4440
> Phone: (919) 843-4642 Fax: (919) 962-0227 (EST)

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