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Looking for recommendations for good teaching articles

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  • Looking for recommendations for good teaching articles

    I will be teaching a course in Biomedical Engineering this winter to some senior electrical and mechanical undergrad engineering students who have no previous exposure to this area. I'm looking for ways to spice up the material with good research/review articles that we can dissect as cases to give them an idea of what biomedical engineering is about.

    Following discussion with my colleague, we've come up with some areas that we think might give a broad spectrum and of interest to both disciplines: Functional electrical stimulation to generate paralyzed gait; hip implant design and function; artificial hearts; and analysis of pediatric gait. I'm looking for recommendations for good papers that are interesting and engaging. I'd appreciate any feedback anyone can offer! As upper limb occupational biomechanics is my area of research, your advice would be much appreciated, or if you have a particular paper you find as a good example teaching paper, send it along as well

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