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Force plate expansion

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  • Force plate expansion

    Dear Biomch-L,
    We are currently working on a project to examine spinal loading during a
    patient repositioning task using a Bertec 4060 (400mm x 600mm or 15.75"
    x 23.62"). After some preliminary observation it appears we may need a
    slightly larger plate to incorporate some subjects with wider stance.
    Has anyone been successful at increasing the surface area of their
    forceplate without substantially affecting the output (short of
    purchasing a larger forceplate - for which we don't have the budget).
    For example, it would be desireable to attach a larger plate to the top
    of the existing one, thereby adding at least 25 to 50mm (~1 to 2") to
    the perimeter. Our primary concern is the effect on the output. Any
    comments/suggestions would be welcomed and a summary of relies will be

    __________________________________________________ ______
    Yvette Jones, MSc
    Research Associate & Coordinator
    Dr. Tong Louie Living Lab
    555 Seymour Street, Suite 785
    Vancouver, BC V6B 5K3
    Off. Tel: 604/291-5149
    Lab Tel: 604/412-7647
    Fax: 604/633-4874

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