Hi ,
I am trying to creating a human body model on ADAMS to simulate the walking. I am at the the beginning now. My first reader suggested me to create the 7 link body model ( 2 thighs+ 2 shanks+2 feet+1 trunk) and let it free fall to ground first. I represented the hips and ankles as spherical joints, knees and pelvis-trunk connection as revolute joints. Then set the contact forces and let it free fall to the 10mx 50cm steel block box. It has perfectly fallen but I have a problem about the joint motion limitation. For instance knee range is about 140 degree (for natural human) but it is not defined in my model. The knee is rotating 360 degrees in my model. I read the whole help text but I could not figure how to define the motions limits on my model. Can you help me to figure it aout please?
sincerely yours
Ekin Akalan MsC PT
Director of Istanbul Medical University
Gait Analysis Lab

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