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searching for papers that quantify the error in inverse dynamics

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  • searching for papers that quantify the error in inverse dynamics

    I am searching for papers that quantify the error in the calculated
    joint torque value obtained using inverse dynamic, due to errors in the
    inputs parameters mass, acceleration, angle, etc.

    I have found the flowing related papers (see at the bottom) which deal
    with some of the cause for the error in calculations, and wanted to know
    if any of you is aware of other papers that maybe helpful.
    Thank Very much

    Raziel Riemer
    PhD Candidate
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    Department of Mechanical & Industrial Eng.

    Phone : (217)244-0763 FAX : (217)244-6534


    McCaw T.S. DeVita P. Errors in alignment of the center of pressure and
    foot coordinates affect predicted lower extremity torques. J.
    Biomechanics Vol 28,pp985, 1995.

    Hatza H. The fundamental problem of myoskeletal inverse dynamics and its
    implications J. Biomechanics Vol 35,pp109, 2002.

    Kuo D.A. A Least-Squares estimation approach to improving the precision
    of the inverse dynamics computations Journal of Biomechanics
    engineering. vol 120 pp148 1998.

    For Static

    Erig and Chaffin. Three-Dimensional biomechanical Static strength
    prediction model sensitivity to postural and anthropometric
    inaccuracies. IIE transactions Vol 23 #3 pp215 1991

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