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Tibia and Femur morphing - summary

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  • Tibia and Femur morphing - summary

    Many thanks to you all that responded my question (see at the end).
    I've summarized the answers in the following and like to further another
    request to the forum:
    My approach is to use the bone anthropological knowledge to construct
    homologous space in which the morphing can take place. This will maximize
    the knowledge of the known shape of the bones. For that I need
    anthropometric data of the bones (such as (for the tibia) the articular
    surface width and length to the bone length ratio (whatever the length
    definition is)).

    Has anyone had done work on the subject?
    Is there such anthropometric data of this nature?

    Here is summery of the answers I got up to now:
    1. A great source of bone 3D models:
    and the supported multimode : or similarly
    - .
    The following articles where pointed out:
    2. "Statistics for 3D Human Body Forms"
    3. Fitting parametrized polynomials with scattered surface data, L.J.
    van Ruijven , M. Beek and T.M.G.J. van Eijden; Journal of Biomechanics -
    Volume 32, Issue 7, Pages 715-720 (July 1999)
    4. Shape reconstruction for computer assisted surgery based on
    non-rigid registration of statistical models with intra-operative point data
    and x-ray images -
    5. Some anthropometric data on the tibia shaft on: ANALYSIS OF TIBIAL
    Research Corporation (USA) - published at this year's IRCOBI conference and
    will be published in Traffic Injury Prevention.
    6. Some relevant anthropological data was gathered by Mr. Kavi Bhalla
    (, contact him if you need it.

    Meir Bar-Tal

    > Deer all
    > I've started a work on reconstruction of the femur and tibia from a
    > small cloud of points measured on their surface. I've decided to use
    > shape morphing to change a "normal" bone to the measure points. Can
    > anyone direct
    > me to works done on related subjects?
    > I'm looking also for the set of descriptors (shape wise) that best
    > describe human tibia and femur diversity over the population and
    > methods to estimate
    > them.
    > Can anyone share tibia and femur 3D models so I can test my algorithm?
    > Appreciate any help
    > Meir Bar-Tal

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