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Electronic Information Resource for Biomed Engineers

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  • Electronic Information Resource for Biomed Engineers

    --- Forwarded message follows ---
    From: (Jeffrey P Mansfield)
    Subject: Electronic Information Resource for Biomed Engineers
    Date: Fri, 16 Jul 1993 21:14:24 GMT
    A new biomedical engineering resource has recently been installed at
    Purdue University by James T. Jones and George R. Wodicka with the support
    of the Whitaker Foundation. The goals of the resource are to provide a hub
    for biomedical information exchange and thereby improve communication.
    Information stored in the resource includes conference announcements,
    grant opportunities, job listings and scientific enquiries with new topics
    and features being added daily. Users can access any topic as well as post
    new announcements under a topic.

    To receive a help file to get you started using the resource just send
    a blank email message (no header) to:

    The help file contains the various commands offered and includes e-mail
    addresses of where to send any suggestions that you might have.

    Please feel free to use the resource and tell your colleagues about it.


    Dear Biomch-l Subscribers,

    The forwarded message above may be of interest to some of you.

    Remember fellow JANET users to reverse the address to:


    Mike Dolan
    University of Dundee
    Scotland, UK.