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SUMMARY: Request for trunk reference

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  • SUMMARY: Request for trunk reference

    As usual BIOMECH-L proves to be an incredible resource. The original
    post is as follows:

    A strange request to be sure:

    Some time late last year, I remember reading an abstract relating to
    trunk and pelvic rotation parameters (in the transverse plane) as they
    relate to throwing performance. The concept is similar to the so called
    “X-factor” (1) that golfers discuss.

    I am however unable for the life of me to find the reference or where I
    saw it. I certainly would appreciate any help in this regard, and if I
    find it, of course I will make it available to the group.

    Thanks in advance,

    Rod Whiteley, PhD Candidate, University of Sydney

    (1) McTeigue, M., Lamb, S. R., Mottram, R., & Pirozzolo, F. (1994).
    Spine and hip motion analysis during the golf swing. IN A. J. Cochran, &
    M. R. Farrally, (Eds.), Science and Golf II: Proceedings of World
    Scientific Congress of Golf. 50-58.

    I should’ve pointed out that I was aware of Stodden et al’s1 elegant
    work, as several correspondents including (embarrassingly) Mr Dave
    Stodden, and Mr Stephen Lyman pointed me in the direction of their 2001
    paper in J Appl Biomech. This paper is of course required reading for
    anyone vaguely interested in the area of kinematics of throwing.

    Nitin Patel made me aware of a short note by Scott Nadler2 which wasn’t
    really what I was after. Ms Michelle Sabick pointed me to a paper
    presented at Calgary in 20023 which I’d not previously seen, but will
    endeavour to read as soon as I can get my hands on it.

    And finally, Mr Arnel Aguinaldo gave me a link to the paper I had seen
    that evening: HYPERLINK


    Arnel Aguinaldo, Janet Buttermore, and Henry Chambers, Children’s
    Hospital San Diego, contact:

    It would appear to be unpublished (or at least I can’t find it via
    either of MEDLINE or CINAHL) so I’ll try to chase him for more

    For the life of me though, I still can’t think how it was that I
    happened to be browsing this page….

    Thanks again to all those who helped,

    Rod Whiteley.

    1. Stodden DF, Fleisig GS, McLean SP, Lyman SL, Andrews JR. Relationship
    of pelvis and upper torso kinematics to pitched baseball velocity.
    Journal of Applied Biomechanics 2001;17(2):164-172.

    2. Nadler SF. Injury in a throwing athlete: understanding the kinetic
    chain. Am J Phys Med Rehabil 2004;83(1):79.

    3. Sabick M, Torry M, Hawkins R. Differences in Kinematics Between
    Professional and Youth Baseball Pitchers. Proceedings of the IV World
    Congress of Biomechanics, Calgary 2002.

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