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  • Announcement: fear of falling symposium

    Dear list members,

    I am organizing a two days symposium with the topic of fear of
    falling intervention in elderly. The symposium will be March 22nd till
    23rd 2004 at the Institute of Sport Science (UNiveristy Erlangen/
    Dr. Liz Peterson who was involved in evaluation as well as
    developping an intervention program for fear of falling will present
    the intervention program during this time.
    All of us who work in the field of falls in elderly persons know how
    important the factor "fear of falling" is and that unfortunately not
    many intervention programs excists. So here is an opportunity to get
    more knowledge and practical information on this subject.

    More information can be found on our homepage :
    under the link: allgemeine Information (Infos) .

    If you have more questions please feel free to ask.

    Kind regards
    Dr. E. Freiberger

    DR. Ellen Freiberger
    Institute of Sportscience
    University Erlangen-Nuernberg
    91058 Erlangen
    Fax: ++49- (09=9131-8528198

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