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  • Back measurements

    Dear colleagues:
    I am looking for advice concerning low-back kinematics measurements.
    We are interested in measuring ROM isokinetically and isometrically as well as
    some forces and torques. We are considering
    at the moment to purchase a Isostation B-200 but we have anumber of
    The strings and attachments to restrict the pelvis and chest are far from
    satisfactory. The repeatability is poor (consequently?). The mechanical stops
    are bad and the cost is in the sky. The built-in normal values are strange as
    well, and I could not enter into the software.
    I am looking for advice about your experience with the B-200 or with similar
    devices. Do you know about similar, maybe cheaper systems?
    I'll be gratefull for any help/advice/suggestion/experience sharing
    Moshe Nissan

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