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    As a last year product designer at the University of Antwerp (Belgium) I'm working on my graduation project. During this project we have to prove we can handle the whole design process we learned during the last 5 years. I chose to create a product to help children to develop their motor skills. The product is mend for children aged 4-7.

    The product that I'm still working on is some kind of board game that will develop the cognitive, emotional and motor skill aspects. Through different kind of assignment cards the kids have to practice some exercises. (Balance, eye-hand coordination, etc) The meaning of the product is to observe those exercises and to judge them by hard and software. (using webcams, sensors, etc.)

    As a student it is very hard to find to-the-point information about motion analysis. The kid has to do the exercise and the webcam will observe the activity. Out of all the exercises, some exercises will be marked as special (those where the kid doesn't fulfill the wishes of the exercise: he has to do it 5 times instead of 2, or the movement is completely wrong., etc.) So the physiotherapist can skip the rest of the exercises and concentrate at the wrong ones.

    During the research on the web I came to your site, and you are a specialist on the matter of motion analysis.

    I know most of the products you use are especially designed for medical and animation sector because you are working with a small part of our population and with specific scientific research. Do you know if there are cheaper possibilities to measure activities for consumer market? (using webcams, not so comprehensive software, etc?) The thing is: the software itself doesn't has to tell whether the exercise is wrong or not, but has to make some kind of first selection what is interesting for the physiotherapist to watch.

    Can you give me an idea what your installation costs?

    I'm working together with several promoters inside the University (designers), and also outside: Elke Stevens, she is a physiotherapist specialized in child revalidation, motor skills, etc.

    For the economical part of my research I can count on several experts thanks to a entrepreneurships competition (, organized by the Belgian Government) and where my idea was awarded with the second prize within the student category last January.

    Thanks for your time already

    With kind regards

    Michael Keisers

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