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Publication of articles in Journals about motion capture systems

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  • Publication of articles in Journals about motion capture systems

    Dear Biomech-l members,

    In the University of Cordova (Spain) we have designed a three-dimensional
    motion capture system. This system, based on video, allows to work in
    outdoors and on a great variety of subjects (people, animals, sports,
    robots, etc.)

    We would like to publish the description of the system with an analysis of
    accuracity and precision in a scientific journal, in order to write future
    publications in different scopes: clinical, veterinarian, sports,
    industrial, etc.

    I would like to know your opinion about:

    - What journals do you think that would adapt better to the kind of article
    that we want to publish?

    - Some references?

    - What are the elapsed times in the publication for these journals?

    - Do you have some advices in order to achieve this objective of the
    simplest and fastest form?

    We want to publish the article quickly since we have others articles with
    results made with this system.

    Any comments will be greatly appreciated.

    Juan Luis Garrido Castro

    Dept. Computing and Numerical Analysis
    University of Cordoba

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