Hello everyone, bm-l's and others,

Here in biomechanical lab of the University of Pisa (Italy) we work
on wearable sensors to evaluate some parameters of human movement.
One possible application is the use of strips of conductive rubber glued
on a lycra t-shirt as strain gauges in order to determine upper limb's
posture (and, if possible, its dynamic).
In fact, positioning the limb somewhere in the space with respect to a
reference position, gives a lot of electric signals of varied
strip-resistances and we want to find an application to fit them with a
mathematical model (in terms of DOFs) of the upper limb in order to
determine its posture.
the great deal comes with the shoulder complex and what happens between
skin and the humerus to position the latter in the space; Does anyone know
problems associated with this way of investigation? Any suggestions?

Raphael Bartalesi

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