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    Please direct all queries and applications to Amy Peters (contact
    information below)

    Sunnybrook and Women's College Health Sciences Centre, Toronto


    The Centre for Studies in Aging is seeking an enthusiastic student with a
    background in Biomechanics, Physical Rehabilitation or related area, to work as
    a research assistant in a balance, gait and motor control laboratory. The
    primary research focus is to understand the mechanisms underlying impairment of
    balance in older adults, and to develop new and more effective means for
    preventing falls and related injuries. A combination of basic research, applied
    research and product development is a major strength of the centre. Facilities
    include state-of-the-art custom-built moving-platform systems for evoking
    balancing reactions, instrumentation for studying human movement (motion
    analysis systems, force plates, EMG), and electronic/mechanical workshops for
    fabrication of instrumentation and devices.

    The Research Assistant will be responsible for assisting with current projects
    in balance control and falls prevention. Specifically, he/she will participate
    in recruiting volunteers for experiments, in running experiments and performing
    the associated data collection (force plate, EMG, kinematics), and in
    processing and analyzing the data.

    Applicants must be currently enrolled in a university program; either
    undergraduate or postgraduate. Experience in performing biomechanical or motor
    control experiments with human subjects, and experience in using force plates,
    EMG and motion analysis systems is preferred. Computer hardware/software
    knowledge and operating abilities are an advantage. Applicants must be
    Canadian citizens or have permanent residency, or a work permit, for Canada.

    An hourly rate of pay will be assigned, depending on education and experience.
    The position will be available for four months from the beginning of May until
    the end of August.

    More information about our research centre can be found at:

    To apply, please send your CV or resume, by FAX or e-mail, before March 19th
    2004 to:

    Amy Peters, MHK, BHK
    Centre for Studies in Aging
    Sunnybrook & Women's College Health Sciences Centre
    FAX: (416) 480-5856

    Selected applicants will be asked to forward three letters of reference and
    university transcripts.

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