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Hockey Player Tracking Solutions

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  • Hockey Player Tracking Solutions

    Thanks everyone, for the many responses. I was surprised to find that the
    Hockey Rink has been the venue of prior studies, both (way) pre-GPS, and now
    using very modern, refined, (Non GPS) RF tracking technologies.
    Unfortunately the proven, precision tool that was developed for the Hockey
    Motion studies could/would not be ecomically supported even though it
    received enthusiastic receptions and was used effectively by a couple of
    Professional NHL teams. It costs approx $500,000 for complete
    installation and commissioning. At this highest level, it was surprising
    that the bills still wouldnt be paid. Especially, since now, only a couple
    of weeks, to month or two, of some Professional atheletes' salaries could
    pay for the complete system.
    Perhaps some researchers can find an urgent need to further use the
    technology, and can pay the freight.....

    Pat Barthelow

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