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Optical density of digital images

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  • Optical density of digital images

    I'm a researcher in the Istituti Ortopedici Rizzoli, Bologna, Italy.
    My research line is above bone cement used in total hip artroplasty.

    I have to evaluate the radiopacity of some new cement formulations.
    In some previous works we calculated the optical density from the
    x-ray films obtained from special specimens made with the cement
    using a digital densitometer. Nowadays our x-ray apparatus, thanks to
    the technology's evolution, does not directly print a film but
    creates a digital image that could obviously be printed on
    radiographic film.
    I would like to use directly the digital image but I don't know how
    to evaluate the optical density starting from that kind of medium.

    Is there anyone that already did something like this?
    Can I find some software (better if free) in the net?

    Thanks to everybody is going to answer me

    Luciano Guandalini
    Luciano Gaundalini
    Lab. Tecnologia Medica
    Isituti Ortopedici Rizzoli
    Bologna, Italy
    Tel. 0039 051 6366864
    Fax. 0039 051 6366863

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