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Job Description

The Lecturer/Laboratory Coordinator will teach laboratory courses to
undergraduate Bioengineering students at Rice University and assist with the
development and implementation of the capstone Bioengineering design course.

Duties as Lecturer pertaining to teaching the laboratory courses include,
but are not limited to: 1) refining and teaching the Systems Physiology Lab
Module; 2) redesigning and teaching two senior-level laboratory modules;
3) writing appropriate laboratory manuals; 4) ensuring student safety in
the laboratory. Duties as Lecturer pertaining to the design courses
include, but are not limited to: 1) assisting with the design, development,
and teaching of Bioengineering Design I and II; 2) identifying design
projects on campus, in the Medical Center or in industry; and 3) providing
laboratory support to the design project groups. Design projects involve
the construction of a device or process. Duties as Laboratory Coordinator
include maintaining laboratory equipment and ordering supplies and
equipment. Other duties as a faculty member include assisting in
ABET-related activities and undergraduate advising.


Requires: Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering, Bioengineering, Mechanical
Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering or related field.
Excellent written and oral communication skills. Ability to relate well to
undergraduate students. Ability to learn details of research being
conducted by faculty in Department and ability to modify and integrate
experiments into laboratory modules appropriate to undergraduate courses.
Experience in modern Bioengineering laboratory procedures including
mechanical testing, bioinstrumentation, and physiological measurements.
Knowledge of the design of devices and processes, including economics,
ethics, and FDA testing. Experience designing a device or process with
applications to biotechnology, medicine, or related bioscience-based
practice. Ability to work well with all members of faculty and staff in
Department. Knowledge of modern pedagogical strategies and skills to
effectively implement them. Knowledge of OSHA Laboratory Safety Standard.

Preferred: Five years of experience in industry or medical setting.


Applications must be received by May 21, 2004. Please send a C.V.,
including the names of three references to:

Ann Saterbak, Ph.D.

Department of Bioengineering, MS-142

Rice University

6100 Main Street

Houston, TX 77005

The position may be filled as early as July 1, 2004 and must be filled by
August 15, 2004 to begin the 2004-2005 academic year. Rice University is an
EEO/AA employer.

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