Hi All,

I am using DT2821 with Agilent VEE Pro 6.0 and DT VPI Link. I am getting Error 2008 whenever I try to collect more than 64500 data points. This error is independent of sampling frequency as I have tested with different frequencies (500 Hz to 20 KHz). Also, I get the same error when I try to collect data from two channels. I have observed that if the total number of data points to be collected from all channels is more than 64500, the program gives Error 2008. I have varied the Channel Buffer size ( using SetChannelBufferSize option) and Mixed Buffer Size (using call function SetMIXEDBUFFERSIZE) , but the error persisted. Please let me know your suggestions and comments to this problem.

Thanks in advance,

Kalpana Dokka

Kalpana Dokka
Ph.D Student - Department of Bioengineering
Research Assistant - Department of Computer Science
University of Illinois at Chicago

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