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Radial nerve block and throwing ref - found

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  • Radial nerve block and throwing ref - found

    Well, it took a while, but I have finally traced down the reference to the
    “radial nerve block in a thrower reference”.

    I think most people have seen it in a paper by Feltner and Dapena (Feltner,
    M. and J. Dapena (1986). "Dynamics of the shoulder and elbow joints of the
    throwing arm during a baseball pitch." International journal of sport
    biomechanics 2(4): 235-259.) where on page 256, it’s written:

    “In any case, the small magnitude of the extension torque at the elbow joint
    suggests that the acceleration of the ball may ultimately due primarily to
    the actions of muscles other than the elbow extensors. This would be
    consistent with the findings of Dobbins (reported by Roberts, 1971). Dobbins
    used a differential nerve block to paralyze triceps activity. After six
    practice trials, the subject was able to throw the ball at over 80% of the
    speed attained prior to the paralyzation of the triceps.”

    The Roberts reference is:

    Roberts, T.W. (1971) Cinematography in biomechanical investigation: selected
    topics in biomechanics. In: Cooper, J.M. editor. Proceedings of the CIC
    Symposium on Biomechanics. Chicago: Athletic Institute, 41-50.

    Unfortunately I have no idea regarding the work of the elusive Dobbins.

    Thanks again to all those who helped with the mystery.

    Rod Whiteley

    University of Sydney

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