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Postdoctoral Position in France

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  • Postdoctoral Position in France

    A postdoctoral position is available at the Troyes University of
    Technology, in France.

    Title: The risk of falls in the elderly (PARAChute project): methods of
    evaluation of dynamic balance

    Description: The objective of the PARAChute project is to identify a
    methodology and technique that enables the detection of an evolution
    towards an increased risk of falling in community-dwelling elderly. The
    technique will be based on a daily evaluation of the quality of balance and
    gait. The first objective is to realise a system capable of providing
    quantitative information on the establishment and maintenance of balance of
    a person during the typical activity of measuring a person’s weight. The
    second objective is to research the most pertinent parameters in order to
    characterise dynamic and static balance. Literature search to date has
    already provided a number of possibilities for static balance.

    In the margins of the principal study, the postdoc will search for
    parameters that are better suited to the characterisation of a dynamic
    signature, by using:

    - optimisation of a discriminant index from an analysis of reference
    - minimisation of repeated measures intra-subject variance
    - discrimination between force plates of different heights (including force
    plates sunk into the ground)

    This study will provide an interesting addition to the project PARAChute in
    as much as it should enable advances to be made in novel approaches to
    research on dynamic balance. The results of this work will be subsequently
    integrated into the PARAChute programme in order to evaluate their
    pertinence for the longitudinal study of a population at risk, along with
    standard balance parameters.

    Applicants should have a PhD and technical expertise and skills in signal
    processing and /or biomechanics.

    Interested candidates should send a covering letter detailing their
    research interests, a copy of their CV, the names and the contact details
    of three referees to the following address:

    - by mail: David Hewson, ISTIT - FRE CNRS 2732, Université de technologie
    de Troyes, BP 2060, 10010 Troyes cedex, FRANCE
    or by email: david.hewson@utt.frr
    - Phone: +33 (0)3 25 71 80 05

    Closing date for applications: 01/07/2004 or until the post is filled.

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