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Kistler Force Plate Readings and start value

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  • Kistler Force Plate Readings and start value

    I was wondering if anyone may be able to help.

    In one of my tests / trials I am wanting to have a participant in partial weightbearing on the start of a trial when using the Kistler forceplate 9281 CA Serial Number >616901, however when I click start and to record it recognises this partial weight bearing as zero, since it assumes the initial condition to be zero and thus when they step on and off the platform it goes to a negative value because the weight is stepped off the platform (does this make sense?). Is there anyway of setting the Kistler so that the start position say 250N records as 250N and not 0 to avoid confusing data analysis?

    Many Thanks

    Mark Waters
    Research Assistant (Biomechanics)
    Teesside Centre for Rehabilitation Sciences
    The University of Teesside
    The James Cook University Hospital
    Marton Road
    TS4 3BW

    Tel. 01642 854324
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