Dear all:

I'm the Academic Chair of a School of Kinesiology in CHILE-South America.

Kinesiology in my country is like Physical Therapy or Physiotherapy of the developed countries.
Actually we have a huge increment of Kinesiology schools in Chile, and we are looking for some strategies to differentiate from these.

In my University, Catholic of Valparaiso (, we are inside the Faculty of Basic Sciences and Maths. We do not have a medicine or health sciences faculty, but we do have a Physical Education School, who is inside the Education and Philosophy Faculty.

Our authorities want to put together both Schools (Kinesiology and Physical Education) in one Human Motor Sciences Faculty.

I will very appreciate if anyone can give me some information or experiences about this topic and, finally, if you consider a good or bad decision, considering the development of both schools, put them working together.

I do not want to tell with is the vision of our School, because I do not want to infer you about your comments, and I want to re-send the answers to my authorities. I will send them to you too.

Thank you very much, and waiting your answers


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