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  • ESMAC 2004

    Dear colleagues,

    13th Annual Meeting of the European Society for Movement Analysis of Adults and Children will take place from 23rd to 25th of September 2004 in Warsaw, Poland.

    You cand find the program of the Conference on the web page:

    The Meeting will be preeceded (20th to 22nd September) by two parallel events: ESMAC Basic Gait Course and Series of Seminars.

    The program of the Basic Gait Course can be downloaded from the page:

    There are six seminars with following topics:

    Spasticity - physiology, quantification and caused gait disorders

    Introduction - M. Lebiedowska

    Physiology of spasticity - E. Jankowska

    Methods to quantify spasticity - M. Lebiedowska

    Hypertonia in cerebral palsy patients - M. Lebiedowska

    Gait and spasticity (case reports) - F.Buczek, M.Lebiedowska

    Balance disorders and their assessment

    Measuring posture and postural reactions, Introduction - Jacques Duysens

    Biomechanics of balance - At Hof

    Assessment of standing balance recovery in the context of stroke rehabilitation - Alexander Guerts

    Modelling of upper extremities, shoulder and hand, and the use of these models in movement analysis - Dirkjan Veeger and E.K.J. Chadwick

    Kinematic recording procedures

    Biomechanical Modelling

    Clinical Applications

    Gait assessment in assistive devices

    Introduction (Rationale for three and two dimensional assessment) - John Stallard

    Forces & Moments in Orthoses - MF & John Stallard

    Two Dimensional Assessment - Sybil Farmer & John Stallard

    Orthotic Tuning - Elaine Owen & Sybil Farmer

    Prosthetic Alignment - Maurizio Ferrarin

    Transportable Service - John Stallard

    The role of movement analysis in the assessment of joint replacements

    Early Post-operative Biomechanical Assessment of Joint Replacements - John J. O'Connor

    Joint kinematics and musculoskeletal loading - Markus Heller

    Gait analysis and fluoroscopy for the evaluation of total knee replacement. Functional performance - Maria-Grazia Benedetti

    Use of RSA for the assessment of joint replacements - Richie Gill

    Movement analysis in sport

    Movement analysis in the sports and for the sports - Renato Rodano

    Movement analysis in sport: Performance enhancement and injury prevention - G-P. Br├╝ggeman

    Movement analysis to increase effectiveness of teaching swimming - Ross Sanders

    Details and registration information, together with Accomodation Form and information about the hotels could be found at the web site:

    If you need any additional information please do not hesitate to contact us. You can find the e-mail addresses on the web page.

    Sincerely, Malgorzata Syczewska

    Malgorzata Syczewska, PhD
    Dept. Paediatric Rehabilitation
    The Children's Memorial Health Institute
    Warsaw, Poland

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