Hospital for Special Surgery is a leading academic and world-renowned orthopedic and

rheumatologic hospital in Manhattan. We currently have an opportunity for a 3 year research

and clinical development fellowship at HSS, sponsored by z-kat, inc. This position will have

the potential to become a permanent position with z-kat, inc. or HSS. The fellow will work

directly with a novel haptic robotic system, focused on developing practical clinical

applications in image-guided robotics for minimally invasive orthopedic surgery. The

research will be driving the leading edge of orthopedic surgery technology and is aimed at

rethinking standard procedures and accepted techniques. In this role, you will integrate

many disciplines and work closely with both surgeons and engineers to create a working

clinical solution. While working hands-on, you will be responsible for occasional software

and hardware maintenance of robotic test-bed systems and coordination of laboratory and

cadaver system testing.

The fellow must have a M.S. or Ph.D. in robotics, biomedical engineering, electrical

engineering, computer engineering, or software engineering as well as a strong background

in programming (C, C++, TCL/TK), image-processing, robotics, and image-guided surgery.

An understanding of orthopedic surgery, biomechanics, and biomechanical engineering a

plus. Candidate must be highly motivated, able to work independently and with a team, and

have a strong desire to help change surgical practice for the better through the use of

advanced technologies. Candidate must currently reside in or within a reasonable

commuting distance of Manhattan or be able to do so.

Qualified candidates please send your resume to: Barbara Katz, Professional Recruiter,

Hospital for Special Surgery, Human Resources Department, 535 East 70th Street, New

York, NY 10021. Email: Fax: 212-606-1146. Please visit our website at

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