A colleague and I are working on a project to try to understand a
comfortable range of push/pull forces that a 5th percentile female can
endure. We have found many tables of forces published by many individuals
mostly to do with maximum endurance forces for various push/pull
exercises. We found a decent representation of our application in
Dreyfuss' "Measure of Man and Woman". However, the forces given are for a
50th percentile male. Dreyfuss gives a male to female scaling factor of
2/3; we've also seen scaling factors around 1/2. We are interested in the
5th percentile female as I have mentioned.

Is there any such scaling factor/conversion that can take data (in
particular push/pull forces) from one segment of the population (based on
percentile) to another (e.g., is there a conversion to take data from 50th
percentile to 5th percentile)?

Short of doing our own study, is there a better way to get the data more
directly? For instance, is there a more gold-type standard/study of
push/pull forces for various exercises (i.e., forearm/shoulder in
different orientations; sitting versus standing, etc.)?

A summary of responses will be posted. Please indicate if you would like
your name removed from the summary posting.

Thank you for any information.

Matt Kuklis
Biomechanical Engineer
Hill-Rom Co., Inc

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