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Biological Performance of Materials: Fundamentals ofBiocompatibility

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  • Biological Performance of Materials: Fundamentals ofBiocompatibility

    Dear BIOMCH-L List readers:

    Some of you may be familiar with my introductory book on
    "biocompatibility" (title above) which is
    in its 3rd. edition (Marcel Dekker: 1999). I have decided to prepare a
    new edition (4th) which
    should be ready for use for the Spring semester of 2006. It will be
    priced below 100USD to make
    it more accessible to students than the current one.

    I would appreciate hearing from you concerning your experience with the
    3rd edition: Please
    advise me of mistakes, errors, omissions, etc. If you used it in a
    course which you took or taught,
    I would very much appreciate receiving: course title, level,
    institution and brief topical outline.

    I would also welcome any suggestions about possible additional topics
    (related to "bopcpmpatibiity") for the new edition and relevant survey
    articles (to add to chapter bibliographies) published in English SINCE
    1998 (with full citations please!).

    I will accumulate all answers received by December 31, 2004 and the top
    three most helpful
    people will each receive an autographed copy of the 4th edition when it
    appears late next year.

    Please feel free to pass this request on to students or colleagues who
    are not BIOMCH-L

    Thanks, in advance, for all of your helpful suggestions.

    ---Jonathan Black
    Hunter Professor Emeritus of Bioengineering
    Clemson University

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