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  • ASB Student Meeting Activities

    This e-mail is intended to inform ASB students about the many student
    related events that will take place at the ASB annual meeting in Portland,
    Oregon next week (Sept 8-11). Student events will include the following:
    women in science breakfast, student business meeting, biomechanics industry
    panel discussion, and the ASB mentor program. If you are attending the ASB
    meeting, please take full advantage of these events. I have included
    further details on these events below. Additionally, at the student
    business meeting we will elect the new student representative for the
    following year. Please contact me if you are interested in running for
    next year’s student representative position. See you in Portland.

    Max Kurz, PhD candidate
    2003-2004 ASB Student Representative
    HPER Biomechanics Laboratory
    University of Nebraska at Omaha

    ************************************************** *******************
    Women in Science Breakfast
    Location: Halsey Room of the Double Tree Hotel, Thursday September 9,

    At this breakfast, established female scientists will provide their
    perspective on how women are making a difference in the biomechanics field.
    The informal setting will allow female students to extend their
    professional network and address questions about how to succeed in
    biomechanics. This breakfast is an exciting and informative venue for
    female students. Current scientists participating include: Julianne
    Abendroth-Smith, Allison Arnold, Joan Bechtold, Irene Davis, Melissa Gross,
    Elizabeth Hsiao-Wecksler, Mary Rodgers, Michelle Sabick, Kathy Simpson, and
    Sara Wilson.

    ************************************************** **********************
    Student Luncheon/Business Meeting and Biomechanics Industry Panel
    Location: MT St Helens, Thursday September 9, 12:45 p.m.-1:45 p.m.

    The purpose of the student luncheon/business meeting is to inform students
    about current ASB student related business, vote on current issues and
    elect the 2004-2005 student representative. Please contact Max Kurz
    ( if you are interested in running for the student
    representative position. This brief meeting will be followed by a panel
    discussion where scientists will provide their current perspectives on what
    it takes to succeed in the biomechanics industry. The panel will be
    composed of established biomechanists from the various industrial
    disciplines. Participating scientist include Toby Hayes (Hayes &
    Associates, Inc.), Mario Lafortune (Nike), Tony Petrella (DePuy) and Martyn
    Shorten (BioMechanica, LLC). Questions will be posed to the panel on topics
    related to what it takes to get a job in the industry, how much education
    is necessary, are publications essential, where jobs are located, lifestyle
    in the industry, etc. Additionally, the panel will take questions from ASB
    students attending the panel discussion. This is a great opportunity for
    students to see what life is like as a biomechanist in the industry and
    hear perspectives on how these scientists have succeeded in such a role.

    ************************************************** **********************
    ASB Mentor Program

    This year we have initiated the first annual ASB Mentoring Program. The
    goal of the program is to increase the educational and professional
    experiences of the students attending the conference. Participating student
    should have already been matched with a senior scientist. Please contact
    your mentor prior to the conference to set up a meeting time.

    Mentoring includes:
    1) Introducing the student to colleagues to help establish a professional
    2) Spending time with the student discussing research, education and
    vocational goals.
    3) Sharing career experiences.
    4) Providing constructive feedback on the student’s presentation.