Dear all:
My name is Yu-Chuan Liu. I am a student in
Taiwan. I found two papers(as below)recently, but I
can't get them in Taiwn. Would you mail the scan or
the file of the paper(as below) for me? Thanks you.

Ps: Please type e-mail address ""
and mail the file if the file is too big.

Title :The proximal-distal sequence in overarm
throwing and the effect of ball weight
Source: In Proceedings CD IV World Congress of
Biomechanics, Calgary, 4-9 August 2002. Calgary:
Omnipress. (Years: 2002)
Author: Van den Tillaar, R., & ETTEMA, E.

Title :Optimum timing of muscle activation for
simple models of throwing.
Source: Journal of Theoretical Biology, 150, 349-372.
(Years: 1991)
Author: Alexander, R. MCN.

Yu-Chuan Liu

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