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gait impairment AV learning resources

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  • gait impairment AV learning resources

    Dear Biomch-L subscribers,

    I am looking for videotape/DVD/CD-ROM resources that show movies of
    individuals with different types of gait impairment. The impairments may
    be classified descriptively (e.g. abnormal hip rotation, excessive trunk
    bending etc) or by their pathological cause (e.g. spastic hemiplegia,
    parkinsonism etc). The important thing is that the resource is not
    simply a description of how to do gait analysis (describing/showing
    methods of examination) but is a visual reference of key features of
    common impairment (ideally with movies of frontal and sagittal plane
    movement with commentary or notes highlighting the key features of each
    type of gait impairment).

    Any suggestion of such resources would be much appreciated as I have
    found relevant info hard to come by on the net.



    Omar Mian
    Institute for Biophysical and Clinical Research into Human Movement
    Manchester Metropolitan University
    Alsager Campus
    ST7 2HL
    United Kingdom

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