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Simultaneous data collection with LabView

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  • Simultaneous data collection with LabView


    I am a PhD student looking at knee joint stiffness following total knee
    arthroplasty and am wondering if anyone out there with experience in LabView
    programming can help?

    I trying to simultaneously acquire continuous data from a torque transducer
    and a Biometrics electrogoniometer using LabView Express 7.0. Torque data is
    collected directly through the USB port, the electrogoniometer data is being
    acquired through a Data Translation DAQ module connected to the other USB

    I have written a LabView program which will acquire the data from both
    channels using DT-LV Link VI's for the electrogoniometer data and
    manufacturer supplied VI's for the torque data. I have successfully included
    all these sub-VI's in a single loop and can write the data to a file but
    cannot work out how to get the program to acquire the data absolutely

    I can set the data acquisition rate for the electrogoniometer but the torque
    data VI's are written to sample as quickly as the processing power will
    allow. I need the torque displacement data to be synchronous but this is not
    happening. I am not sure if the problem is just in writing to the file or in
    the actual acquisition. I am wondering if I need to write the data to a
    buffer before writing to file? My programming skills are limited and we have
    no-one in our University who knows how to use LabView.

    Has anyone got any ideas or has similar VI's which they might be prepared to

    Your hopefully,

    Judith Lane
    School of Health Sciences
    Queen Margaret University College

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