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  • ESV paper request

    Dear Colleagues,

    The only way to get a copy of this particular paper is if you have a copy of
    the conference proceedings, which are not readily available after the fact.
    I unfortunately do not have a copy of the proceedings. Therefore, I am
    hoping that one of you may be able to help me obtain a copy of the paper.
    Your help is very much appreciated.

    Title: Computer simulation of motorcycle airbag systems

    Publication Date: 11-01-1991


    Nowadays more and more effort is being spent on the research and development
    of motorcycle safety improvements. Among these improvements are motorcycle
    airbag systems. Although a few airbag-equipped motorcycles have been built,
    the technology is still in a research stage. Along with full scale testing,
    computer simulations can be a successful tool for studying and optimizing
    these systems. This paper gives a state of the art impression on research
    and development activities in the field of motorcycle airbag systems.
    Further the combined multibody-finite element approach offered by the Crash
    Victim Simulation program MADYMO is applied for modelling the motorcycle-
    airbag-rider interaction. Both a model of the motorcycle sled mock-up and a
    complete model of an airbag-equipped motorcycle were developed. The first
    model is the mathematical counterpart of an actual sled test, representing a
    90║frontal impact between a motorcycle and a passenger car side structure,
    involving a pre-inflated airbag. Based on the correlation found between
    sled test and simulation results, it is expected that the
    full-airbag-equipped motorcycle model can be used for performance evaluation
    of different motorcycle airbag restraint systems under different impact


    Name Affiliation

    J. J. Nieboer TNO Crash-Safety Research Centre

    A. P. Goudswaard TNO Crash-Safety Research Centre

    J. Wismans TNO Crash-Safety Research Centre

    E. G. Janssen TNO Crash-Safety Research Centre

    A. C. M. Versmissen TNO Crash-Safety Research Centre

    Other Info:

    Publisher: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Washington, D.C.,

    Publishers Segment: NHTSA

    Country of Publication: United States

    Document Source: N/A

    Document Category: N/A

    Meeting Name: 13th International Technical Conference on Experimental Safety

    Meeting Location: Paris, France

    Meeting Start Date: 11-04-1991

    Meeting End Date: 11-07-1991


    Jesse L. Wobrock

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