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Biomechanics Seminar in Sweden

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  • Biomechanics Seminar in Sweden

    Dear Biomch-l subscribers,

    Despite the eternal competition between the dear neighbours, Sweden and
    Finland, I am making some PR for a Swedish seminar (that I participated
    this year) as I have not yet found any Swedes on this list (poor Swedes!).

    "The Fourth Biomechanics Seminar" will be organized by The Centre for
    Biomechanics at Chalmers University of Technology (in Gothenburg) and
    Gothenburg University April 26th-27th, 1990, in Gothenburg, Sweden.

    There are two invited speakers, Alf Nachemson from Sahlgren Hospital,
    Gothenburg, and Rients Rozendal from Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam.

    According to the second circular "the conference covers the entire field of
    Biomechanics with a special emphasis this year on Musculoskeletal mechanics
    including: methods, tissue, muscle function, motion control, sports,
    ergonomics, orthopaedic mechanics, rehabilitation, gait, prosthetics and

    The dead-line for abstracts (200 words) is January 1, 1990, and for accepted
    full papers March 15, 1990. Papers will be published in the Proceedings.
    Proceedings of the seminars from 1987-1989 are available at a cost of SEK 150
    (probably per volume).

    The registration fee is SEK 900 including proceedings and meals.

    The chairman of the scientific committee is prof. Christian Ho"gfors (the first
    "o" with dots on it). For more details the address for correspondence is:

    Gunilla Ekman
    Centre for Biomechanics
    Chalmers University of Technology
    S-412 96 Gothenburg
    telephone: +46-31-721515
    telefax: +46-31-721192
    (Unfortunately I don't know if she has an email-address.)

    Timo P. J. Leskinen
    (I have another address (KUORINKA@FINFUN.EARN) on the biomch-l list, but
    this one is more personal.)