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About electrogoniometric motion analysis

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  • About electrogoniometric motion analysis

    Hi there;
    We have a gait lab in Istanbul Medical University which has 6 TV camera, 2 force plate and 8 ch. EMG. Unfortinately we have difficulties sometimes to track the markers for little guys(like children who 2- 3 years of age) and also the system that we use allow only lower extremity and Trunk motion analysis. So to obtain kinematic data from small children and upper extremity we are planning to purchase electro goniometric motion analysis system (like Infrotronic Gait Analysis or Ultraflex Gonio ) which has some sensors like XM65 or Z110 for twin axis or single axis measurement during activity of daily living.
    Unfortunately we do not have much experience about advandages and disadvantages of this kind of systems over camera based gait analysis. We appriciate if some one who has experience with those systems share info with us.

    N. Ekin Akalan MS. PT.

    Director of the Gait Analysis Laboratory
    I.U. Istanbul Medical Faculty 34390 Capa/Istanbul/Turkey

    Doctoral student in Biomedical Engineering Institute
    Bogazici University 34342 Bebek, Istanbul, Turkey

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