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Summary of responses to Request for Body segmentation reports

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  • Summary of responses to Request for Body segmentation reports

    Greetings all,

    The responses I received regarding my query about obtaining the
    anthropometric reports by Dempster and Clauser are below, preceded by the
    original request. I have obtained the Clauser et al. report through
    InterLibrary Loan, perhaps the other will soon be available on the ISB

    Thanks again to the list.

    RJ________________________________________________ ____________________

    Dear list members

    I am having a problem getting copies of a couple reports that I'm hoping
    the subscribers can help me with. I wonder if anyone has the following
    citations related to description of body segments; and if so could they
    send me an electronic copy or fax?

    Dempster, W.T. (1955) Space Requirements of the Seated Operator.
    WADC-TR-55-159, Aerospace Medical Research Laboratories Dayton, Ohio.

    Clauser, C.W., J.T. McConville, and J.W. Young (1969) Weight, Volume, and
    Center of Mass of Segments of the Human Body. AMRL-TR-69-70, Aerospace
    Medical Research Laboratories Dayton, Ohio.
    __________________________________________________ ____________________

    From Secco Emanuele Lindo:

    I do not have what you are asking for, but another good one (anthropometric
    formula and data) is:

    Winter D.A., (1990), Biomechanics and motor control of human movement,
    Wiley - New York

    I can send you a copy of some 'critical' pages, if you like. Just for the
    arm estimation see the *.m file attached
    Let me know, ciao LL (If you wish to contact Dr. Lindo for the file, let
    me know and I can put you in touch. RJ)

    From Jim Walton (and another reference to the monongraphs was by Kurt Neelly):

    I have original copies of both of these reports, but your request to send
    you copies is unrealistic. The Dempster report is 274 pages, the Clauser
    report is 107 pages. Faxing or scanning either document would take a lot of
    time and effort for anyone.

    The original Dempster report has been out of print for about 35 years. I
    was sent one of the last copies ... in 1968. The Clauser report can
    probably be obtained from government sources ... the work was funded by
    NASA and the Air Force.

    You can (could) get a version of the Dempster report in another compilation ...

    "Human Mechanics--Four Monographs Abridged."
    AD 600-618

    This document was compiled by Wright-Patterson AFB. It was published in
    December 1963.

    The compilation includes:

    1. Braune and Fischer ... "The Center oif Gravity of the Human Body"
    2. Fischer ... Theoretical Fundamentals for a Mechanics of Living
    2. Amar ... "The Human Motor"
    3. Dempster ... "Space Requirements of the Seated Operator"

    I bought my copy of this from the Dept. of Commerce using the ID given
    above (AD 600 618)

    From Ton Van den Bogert:

    Hardcopies can be ordered from the National Technical Information Service
    ( I do not remember what the fee was when I ordered them a
    few years ago. There is no copyright notice on these documents, so I
    assume it it allowed to share copies. After all, our tax dollars (or
    rather, our grandparents) paid for this work.

    Dempster's report is available online at the University of Michigan, but
    only in 10-page pieces: I did not
    find Clauser's but did not search thoroughly.

    If you or another Biomch-L subscriber is willing to convert these documents
    to PDF, we could share them more easily. Perhaps via the ISB
    website. Please let me know and I will mail the documents for
    conversion. I also have Chandler et al. (1975). The total number of pages
    is about 500.

    In response to this Serge VAN SINT JAN offered to make the copies.

    Randall Jensen, PhD, FACSM, CSCS
    Professor of Sports Science
    Dept. Health Physical Education & Recreation
    Northern Michigan University
    Marquette, MI 49855

    Phone: 1-906-227-1184
    Fax: 1-906-227-2181
    email :

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