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NIH-funded Predoctoral Assistantship - University of Maryland,Baltimore

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  • NIH-funded Predoctoral Assistantship - University of Maryland,Baltimore

    >The Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science at the
    >University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland,
    >invites applications for an NIH assistantship to support pre-doctoral study
    >in the interdisciplinary field of Physical Rehabilitation Science (PRS).
    >Applications will be accepted from quality students with
    >baccalaureate and/or masters degrees in the Life Sciences,
    >Engineering or Health related degrees. Students with backgrounds in Physical
    >Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Kinesiology, Physiology, Biology, Biomechanics,
    >Bioengineering, Psychology and Computer Science are encouraged to apply.
    >A demonstrated experience in rehabilitation is desirable.
    >As per NIH requirements, the applicant must be a US citizen or permanent
    >resident. The assistantship will pay a stipend and provide full tuition
    >The purpose of the PRS PhD program is to train researchers who will be able to
    >advance the field of physical rehabilitation with the ultimate goal of
    >improving the lives of individuals with functional impairments. Individual
    >courses of study are created to serve the interests and educational needs of
    >the student and the principal faculty advisor.
    >Dissertation projects are expected to be developed in conjunction with
    >one of several ongoing rehabilitation research studies within the
    >department and across the university system. Major research areas of
    >interest include: cardiorespiratory insufficiency and fatigue, development
    >and re-learning of interlimb coordination, neuroplasticity, pathomechanics
    >of wheelchair propulsion, hormonal changes related to injury and muscle
    >regeneration and distraction osteogensis. Current patient populations
    >include systemic lupus erythematosus, fibromyalgia, HIV seropositive,
    >children with developmental coordination disorder, stroke, spinal cord and
    >other wheelchair users, and those with hip fracture or ACL injuries. The
    >department is part of a Pepper Older American Independence Center Grant
    >associated with the Department of Gerontology and the Veterans
    >Administration Hospital.
    >Students take courses in a variety of disciplines in the first year as well
    >as courses in research tools. Areas of concentration include:
    >Biomechanics; Epidemiology; Muscle Biology; Neuromotor Control and
    >Physiology. In depth courses in the area of concentration are also taken;
    >often in other Departments of the University or the University System.
    >Weekly interdisciplinary as well as specialized seminars are given.
    >Three interconnected laboratories are devoted to state-of-the-art
    >biomechanical, neuromotor and physiological measurement and a separate
    >laboratory is devoted to in vitro and animal model techniques in muscle
    >biology. Those with an interest in epidemiology have a close working
    >relationship with the Department of Epidemiology and have access to their
    >Applications for admission and financial aid should be received by the
    >Graduate School Admissions Office no later than March 1 in order to receive
    >full consideration for ALL financial aid options. Primary
    >considerations for admission are (1) relevant course background in sciences
    >related to intended area of concentration, (2) GRE scores that show high
    >quantitative and analytical scores (e.g., 600 plus) and acceptable verbal
    >scores (e.g., 500 plus) and (3) student's record of interest and academic
    >performance in the field or related areas. For more information about the
    >graduate program please visit the departmental homepage at
    >Interested potential candidates are strongly encouraged to contact the
    >Graduate Program Director:
    >Dr. Jill Whitall
    >For those who wish to apply, Departmental and University Information may be
    >obtained from the Graduate Program Coordinator:
    >Ms. Terry Heron

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