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    10th International Symposium on Computer Simulation in Biomechanics

    The 10th International Symposium on Computer Simulation in Biomechanics
    (ISCSB- 2005) will be held at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland,
    Ohio, USA, from the 28th to 30th July 2005. This Symposium, organized by
    the ISB Technical Group on Computer Simulation (TGCS), is a satellite event
    of the XX Congress of the International Society of Biomechanics (ISB) which
    takes place in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, August 1 - 5, 2005. The keynote
    speakers at this year's symposium are prof.dr. Frans C.T. van der
    mms/staff/vanderHelm/main.htm) and Dr. Zoran Popovic

    The Symposium will be a scientific and technical meeting for investigators
    and students whose focus is computer modeling and simulation in
    biomechanics. This year, emphasis will be placed on the following specific
    areas of research in musculoskeletal modeling:

    1. Computer simulation
    2. Algorithms
    3. Animations
    4. Model validation

    Abstract submissions (2 pages) for the Symposium will be accepted up to
    April, 1, 2005.

    Congress Venue

    The meeting will take place in the Dively Building of Case Western Reserve
    University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA. The Dively Building is a state-of-the-art
    education facility located at the heart of Cleveland's University Circle.
    The venue is WiFi enabled. Visit the website:
    for more information about accommodation and the other conference facilities.

    Symposium Format
    The format will focus on stimulating vigorous interaction among the
    participants. Each paper will be presented for 10 minutes, followed by 5
    minutes of discussion. As has been the tradition for these symposia, each
    presenter will then have the opportunity to give an interactive
    demonstration for one hour during the following demonstration
    session/coffee break. Papers accompanied by a computer demonstration will
    be preferred.

    Musa L. Audu, Ph.D.
    Cleveland F.E.S. Center,
    Motion Study Laboratory, 151A(W),
    Cleveland, VA Medical Center,
    10701 East Blvd.,
    Cleveland, Ohio 44106.

    Phone: 216-791-3800 Ext. 3821

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