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Summary of hand kinematics

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  • Summary of hand kinematics

    Dear subscribers,

    Several weeks ago I posted a call for information regarding measurements
    of hand kinematics during grasping and object manipulation. I am including
    a summary of the responses. I take this opportunity to thank all those who
    responded. It seems that there is very little experimental data available
    though there is a great demand for it in several fields. I would welcome
    any comments on this topic.


    Noam Brook
    Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
    Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
    Haifa 32000, Israel

    e-mail : MERJDNB@Technion.Technion.AC.IL
    FAX : 972-4-324533
    Tel. : 972-4-293884

    Summary :

    1. Buchholz B. and Armstrong T.J., 1992, A Kinematic Model of the Human
    Hand to Evaluate its Prehensile Capabilities, J. Biomechanics, 25(2),

    2. Buchholz B. and Armstrong T.J., 1991, An Ellipsoidal Representation
    of Human Hand Anthropometry, Human Factors, 33(4), 429-441.

    3. Buchholz B., Armstrong T.J. and Goldstein S.A., 1992, Anthropometric
    Data for Describing the Kinematics of the Human Hand, Ergonomics,
    35(3), 261-273.

    4. Brand P.W., Thompson D.E., and Micks J.E., in THE BIOMECHANICS OF
    THE INTERPHALANGEAL JOINTS, Bowers W.H. ed., pg. 21-54, Churchill
    Livingstone, 1987.

    5. Chan A.P.K., Kamath M. et al., 1991, Computerized Chierometer for
    Assessing Grip Strength Indices and Classification of Rheumatoid
    Patients, Eng. in Medicine, 17(1).

    6. Prof. Voloshin from Lehigh Univ. is working on a sytem for kinematic
    measurements, based on image recording by VCR.