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    Dear Dr. Hau Kong,

    Considering the description of your needs you might be interested to
    have a look at the products of Xsens (www.xsens,com). This system is
    based on a network of miniature inertial measurement units (3D linear
    acceleration, 3D angular velocity, etc) that can be placed on each limb.
    Each sensor unit can then also capture the 3D orientation of the limb
    with respect to a global coordinate system and this data can be used to
    calculate posture.

    A demo movie can be found on:

    The system has been developed based on work from prof. P.H. Veltink at
    the University of Twente and is specifically suited for ambulant
    measurements of human motion. It is also ideal because you get a direct
    measure of the kinematics (not deduced from position data from cameras).
    Application sof the system in biomechanics can be found on:

    Best regards,
    Per Slycke
    Xsens Technologies B.V.
    The Netherlands

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    Subject: [BIOMCH-L] Outdoor Motion Capture System

    Dear Members,

    I am planning to purchase an outdoor motion capture system for
    biomechanics research and need some advice from experienced users of
    such systems.

    While there is a plethora of motion capture system in the market,
    the system I need has to be able to function well in an outdoor
    environment as certain constraints do not allow me to reproduce the
    setting in a laboratory. Because of this outdoor requirement, certain
    traditional motion capture system (e.g. Vicon) is not suitable due to
    occlusion, environment interference or large number of equipment needed
    to be set up. Has anyone evaluated a system suitable for outdoor use?

    I came across a couple of motion capture system, namely Gypsy Gyro
    by Meta Motion, Analogus and Animazoo; and Shapewrap by Measurand but is
    sceptical about their accuracy, software roboustness and suitability for
    biomechanics research. Hope to hear some feedback from users of these

    Thank you very much for your time and advice!

    Kelvin Chan Hau Kong
    DSO National Laboratories

    DID: +65-64857164
    Fax: +65-6485 7172

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