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  • Re: a question about foot function

    Dear Mahsa,

    I don't have a very thorough knowledge in the area but
    I am aware of collaborative work going on between the
    Oxford Gait Laboratory, the University of Oxford and
    the Istituto Superiore di Sanita, Rome.
    They're developing a paediatric foot model using
    Claudia Giacomozzi's compound design (a pressure plate
    on a force plate) as well as motion analysis and other

    Their paper, which compares plantar pressure data with
    force plate data and stereophotogrammetric data, is
    still in press but it is already available online at

    J.A. Stebbins, M.E. Harrington, C. Giacomozzi, N.
    Thompson, A. Zavatsky and T.N. Theologis. Assessment
    of sub-division of plantar pressure measurement in
    children Gait & Posture, (In Press).

    Hope that helps,
    Sian Lawson

    Dr Sian E M Jenkins Lawson
    Biomécanique et Pathologie Locomotrice de Cheval
    Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire d'Alfort
    7, Avenue du Général de Gaulle
    94704 Maisons-Alfort cedex FRANCE
    Tel : 01 43 96 72 49
    Fax : 01 43 96 31 62

    --- Mahsa Hassani Afshar
    > Hi all,
    > I think it?s better if I describe a little bit about
    > my project.
    > I?m going to have a look at the effect of foot
    > orthotics on patellofemoral
    > pain patients. I hope to use the rsscan system to
    > examine foot functioning
    > (forefoot, midfoot and rear foot inv/eversion or
    > pronation/supination).
    > I hope then to relate the foot functioning to
    > tibia/femur kinematics and
    > possibly to EMG in order to examine why these
    > individuals may have patellafemoral
    > pain and then to what effect orthotic wear has on
    > them.
    > Presently I have to find out about foot functioning
    > with and without orthotics.
    > Unfortunately I haven?t found any literature that
    > shows foot functioning
    > assessment with pressure plates (rsscan) or insole
    > pressure systems. I have
    > found lots of literatures that have used markers for
    > this assessment (relation
    > between the tibia and foot movements). However, I
    > hope to use an insole
    > pressure system as it is unreasonable to measure
    > foot functioning with a
    > motion analysis system when wearing shoes. I was
    > wondering if you are aware
    > of any literature that has examined foot functioning
    > using either a pressure
    > plate or insole pressure system. I realise that
    > rsscan can give a measure
    > of inv/ever and pronation /supination, but do you
    > know if these measures
    > have ever been evaluated against a more accepted
    > measure (foot kinematics
    > from a motion analysis system). Any help you may be
    > able to offer would
    > be most appreciated.
    > regards
    > Mahsa
    > Mahsa Hassani Afshar
    > Postgraduate Student
    > Centre for Sport Science and Health
    > Dublin City University
    > Tel: 01 7008470
    > Fax: 01 7008888
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