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Conference:TRANSITIONS IN GAIT & POSTURE,Teachers College,Columbia University

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  • Conference:TRANSITIONS IN GAIT & POSTURE,Teachers College,Columbia University

    Dear Colleague,
    You are invited to the 28th Annual Conference in Movement Sciences
    at Teachers College, Columbia University on April 22-23, 2005. The
    conference is designed for clinicians, movement scientists, and
    rehabilitation specialists. This yearís event focuses on the
    neuromechanical control and biomechanics of functional whole-body
    movement tasks such as gait initiation, locomotion, obstacle
    crossing, and sit-to-stand.
    Nationally and internationally recognized investigators will present
    their research and provide insight into prescribing rehabilitation
    strategies designed to improve performance during these
    destabilizing tasks. In addition, current applications and
    strategies in clinical gait analysis will be presented. This
    conference provides continuing professional preparation for
    occupational and physical therapist, exercise physiologists,
    physicians, and movement scientists.
    If you are unable to read this email or to register, see: The
    Conference Website

    28 th Annual Conference in Movement Sciences:
    April 22 & April 23, 2005

    FRIDAY APRIL 22, 2005
    Registration and Coffee

    Welcoming Remarks

    Mark Rogers, PT, Ph.D.
    Northwestern University, Chicago, IL
    Adaptive Coordination of Posture and Locomotion in Parkinsonís

    Denis Brunt, PT, Ed.D.
    East Carolina University
    Biomechanics and motor control of sit to stand

    Chris Hass, Ph.D.
    Teachers College Columbia University
    Dynamic Balance Control during the Initiation of Locomotion

    Mary Thigpen, PT, Ph.D.
    University of North Florida
    Turning Difficulties in Older Adults

    Louisa Law, EdD.
    Teachers College Columbia University
    Obstacle Clearing in Typically Developing Children and Adults

    Mark Geil, Ph.D.
    Georgia State University
    Clinical Gait Analysis: Strategies Techniques and Technologies

    SATURDAY APRIL 23, 2005

    Interactive Morning Session: Audience and Speakers

    For information or to register, visit: