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Finding the center of an object

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  • Finding the center of an object

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Tom Wu and I am a PhD student from
    University of Alberta, Canada. I would like to find
    out the center of a ball during its flight path. The
    ball will be spinning so I can't simply put a marker
    at the center of the ball. I use APAS software in our
    lab but unfortunatley I can't change the size of the
    cursor into an appropriate box size; otherwise, I'd be
    able to digitize the center of the ball simply by
    placing the ball in the cursor box. Does anyone have
    any previous experience in tracking center of an
    object? Any help is greatly appreciated!

    Best regards,

    Tom Wu, Prov. PhD Candidate
    Sports Biomechanics Laboratory
    University of Alberta,
    Alberta, Canada

    __________________________________________________ ____________________
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