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Human Movement Science at the Italian Embassy in DC

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  • Human Movement Science at the Italian Embassy in DC

    ************************************************** *********************

    1st Symposium on
    Human Movement Science: the Italian Experience

    June 16th 2005

    Embassy of Italy in the United States
    3000 Whitehaven Street, NW - Washington, DC 20008

    ************************************************** *********************

    The Office of the Scientific Attaché of the Embassy of Italy in the United
    States, in collaboration with the Istituto Italiano di Cultura in
    Washington DC, presents the first Symposium on "Human Movement Science: the
    Italian experience".

    The Italian research in the field of human movement science has reached an
    outstanding level recognized by the international research community. This
    is confirmed by the vitality of the Italian industry and by the high number
    of publications, and their impact in the growth of the field, produced by
    Italian researchers. The Symposium aims at highlighting the primary role of
    the Italian human movement scientists to an American audience, at sharing
    experiences and ideas with the American colleagues, at presenting existing
    spontaneous and institutional collaborations of scientists operating in
    both countries, at exploring existing means of support of collaborative
    research and at defining new ways of scientific collaboration.

    Well-known researchers with interdisciplinary backgrounds will present and
    discuss their experiences and ideas with representatives of major funding
    agencies of both countries.

    All American human movement scientists interested in starting (or
    continuing) a fruitful collaboration with Italian research groups are
    strongly invited to participate.

    Paolo Bonato
    Vittorio Daniore
    Ugo Della Croce (Chair)
    Giorgio Einaudi
    Robert Jaeger

    University of Sassari, ITALY
    IUSM, Istituto Universitario Scienze Motorie, Rome, Italy


    9.30 am - Welcoming remarks from Italian and American authorities

    9.45 am - Introduction to the Symposium - Dr. Ugo Della Croce

    10.00 am - Morning Session
    Physiological models and clinical relevance of Human Movement Science
    Motor Control - Dr. Ferdinando Mussa-Ivaldi
    Muscles - Dr. Paolo Bonato
    Skeletal System - Dr. Aurelio Cappozzo
    Clinical Applications - Dr. Francesco Benvenuti

    12.00 pm - Lunch

    1.00 pm - The intramural research of Health Institutes
    NIH experience - Dr. Steven Stanhope
    ISS experience - Dr. Velio Macellari

    1.40 pm - Special Guest: The Honorable Dr. Margaret Giannini

    2.00 pm - The collaboration opportunities
    EMBASSY OF ITALY - Dr. Vittorio Daniore
    NIH/NCMRR - Dr. Michael Weinrich
    NSF/ENG/BME-RAPD - Dr. Semahat Demir
    ED/OSERS/NIDRR - Dr. Robert Jaeger
    VA - Dr. Mindy Aisen

    3.40 pm - Coffee Break

    4.00 pm - Round Table - Open Discussion. Strengthening ITA-USA
    collaboration in Human Movement Science (all speakers involved).

    5.30 pm - Closing Remarks - Italian Embassy scientific attachés Dr.
    Daniore and Dr. Einaudi


    - Mindy Aisen, MD - Director of the Rehabilitation Research & Development,
    Department of Veteran Affairs, Washington DC.
    - Francesco Benvenuti, MD - Rehabilitation Department, AUSL 11 Empoli - San
    Miniato Hospitals, Tuscany, Italy.
    - Emilio Bizzi, MD, PhD - Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences,
    McGovern Institute Investigator - Massachusetts Institute of Technology -
    Cambridge, MA
    - Paolo Bonato, PhD - Director of the Motion Analysis Laboratory, Spaulding
    Rehabilitation Hospital, Department of Physical Medicine and
    Rehabilitation, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA.
    - Aurelio Cappozzo, PhD - Director of the Department of Human Movement and
    Sport Sciences, IUSM University Institute for Movement Science, Rome, Italy.
    - Vittorio Daniore, MD - Italian Embassy Scientific Attaché.
    - Ugo Della Croce, PhD - Department of Biomedical Sciences, University of
    Sassari, Italy.
    - Semahat Demir, PhD - Program Director, Biomedical Engineering & Research
    to Aid Persons with Disabilities, National Science Foundation, Washington, DC.
    - Giorgio Einaudi, PhD - Italian Embassy Scientific Attaché.
    - Margaret Giannini, MD, FAAP - Director, Office on Disability, Department
    of Health and Human Services, Washington DC.
    - Robert Jaeger, PhD - International and Interagency Affairs, National
    Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research, Washington DC.
    - Velio Macellari - Director, Biomechanics and Rehabilitation Unit, Health
    and Technology Department, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Rome, Italy.
    - Ferdinando Mussa-Ivaldi PhD - Departments of Physiology; Physical
    Medicine and Rehabilitation; & Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern
    University, Chicago.
    - Steven Stanhope, PhD - Director Physical Disabilities Branch, Warren
    Grant Magnuson Clinical Center, National Institue of Health, Bethesda, MD.
    - Michael Weinrich, MD - Director, National Center for Medical
    Rehabilitation Research, National Institute of Child Health and Human
    Development, National Institute of Health, Bethesda, MD


    Registration is FREE(*).
    RSVP required: see instructions below.

    (*) includes two coffee breaks and Italian lunch buffet.

    Please return the following information:

    to the following e-mail address:

    For a better event organization, registrations before 05/20 are strongly


    Dr. Ugo Della Croce, PhD
    University of Sassari
    Vaile San pietro 43b
    07100 Sassari (ITALY)
    Phone: +39-079-228340