Post-doc in Biomechanics
Biomechanics and Movement Science Program
University of Delaware
Newark Delaware

We are seeking a highly motivated individual for a post-doctoral
fellowship in the Motion Analysis Laboratory in the Dept. of Physical
Therapy at the University of Delaware. The focus of the laboratory is
the investigation of relationships between lower extremity structure,
mechanics and injury. Ongoing research includes the study of the
etiology of running-related injuries such as tibial stress fractures
and anterior knee pain, interventions such foot orthoses and gait
retraining, gender bias in ACL injuries, lower extremity joint coupling
and MRI studies of the patellofemoral joint during weightbearing. For
additional information on ongoing studies, please see website noted
below. Responsibilities include coordination of an ongoing,
prospective, biomechanical study of stress fractures. as well as
oversight of other ongoing projects.

Requirements of the position are completion of a PhD in biomechanics or
a related field, proficiency in computer programming, excellent
communication skills, and research experience in a field related to the
ongoing work of the lab. Preference will be given to those with
experience in modelling and stress fracture analysis. Salary will be
commensurate with experience. Post-doc is for a period of one year
with a possibility of extending to two. Start date is June 30, 2005.

The Motion Analysis Laboratory is fully equipped with a 6-camera VICON
real time motion system, 2 Bertec force plates, 16 channel Motion Labs
EMG, accelerometers and treadmill. Funding for an instrumented
treadmill was just received.

Newark Delaware in a university town that is situated 1.5 hours from
the beach and mountains, 1 hour from Philadelphia and Baltimore and 2
hours from New York City and Washington, DC.

If interested, please send CV and two letters of reference to:

Irene Davis, PhD, PT, FACSM
Director of Research, Drayer Physical Therapy Institute
Professor, Dept. of Physical Therapy
305 McKinly Lab
University of Delaware
Newark, DE 19716

(302)831-4263 (ph)
(302)831-4234 (fax)