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I am trying to track a capsule inside the human digestive track. I have bought a transmitter and a receiver and would first like to see if they will work inside the human body (the transmitter will be inside the body and the receiver outside). I thought of using a tank of solution to simulate the properties of the human body and see if the signal can be received. Does anyone have any good ideas on what solution I should use to simulate this or is there an easier method of doing
this? I have been told saline solution would be good but thought it best to find out first. Thanks heaps.

Are you aware of any groups who are acutally involved in tracking things INSIDE the human body or animal bodies?

I was also wondering if anyone has any tables tabulating the attenuation of signal vs frequency in the human body as well (i.e penetration depth of signal vs frequency of transmission). What would be the optimal frequency to transmit so that I can get a resolution of about 1.5 cm?

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