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Job Posting : Biomechanist in Ireland

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  • Job Posting : Biomechanist in Ireland


    Permanent lecturer position in Biomechanics.

    Dublin City University, Ireland


    As part of its continuing development the School of Health and Human
    Performance is seeking qualified applicants for a permanent lecturer
    position in Biomechanics. Applications from candidates with teaching and
    research expertise in the areas of exercise biomechanics and strength
    and conditioning will be particularly welcomed. Ideally, applicants will
    specialise in sport/exercise biomechanics and strength and conditioning,
    and will have appropriate experience in sport science support.

    The successful candidate will be expected to make a significant
    contribution to the teaching and research profile of the school and,
    will be expected to help to develop new initiatives with various
    sporting organizations in Ireland. Applicants must hold an Honours
    Degree and have, or be near to completing a doctorate degree in a
    relevant discipline, e.g. movement biomechanics, preferably with an
    emphasis on exercise or sport biomechanics. An in-depth understanding
    and research experience of three-dimensional movement analysis is
    desirable. In addition, candidates should have experience of tutoring,
    demonstrating or lecturing in biomechanics and physical
    training/strength and conditioning at university level.

    The new staff memebr will join a samll enthusiastic and energetic group
    of staff who are striving to develop sport and exercise science in
    Ireland. The School have been running a BSc degree in SPort Science and
    Health for the last seven years and will introduce a BSc in Athletic
    Therapy and Training this Spetember. The staff have big plans to
    introduce other degree progarmmes over the next few years and grow the
    number of staff and resorces exponentially. We hope that the new member
    of staff will facilitate this growth.

    The School contains an exercise and sport biomechanics laboratory that
    extends over 160 sq metres. It is equipped with an eight camera VICON
    512 M series camera system, a 1m RSscan pressure plate, 3 Canon XM1
    Mini-dv camcorders (20x optical zoom), a HUMAN 3D motion analysis
    system, Matrox 2000 Real-time video editor (Adobe Premier 6RT, Cool3D),
    2 AMTI force plates and Biosoft force plate software [600x900mm and
    600x400mm], and various devices for measuring acceleration, EMG and speed.

    Salary Scale:

    €45,494 - €74,668 (above bar)

    €36,862 - €46,107 (below bar)


    Closing Date: 17th June 2005


    For further discussion on the posts please contact:

    Dr Kieran Moran, Biomechanist

    School of Health and Human Performance, Dublin City University

    E-mail: Tel: 353 (0)1-700 8011


    Dr. Niall Moyna,

    Head of School

    E-mail: Tel: 353 (0)1-700 8802

    Further information about the School of Health and Human Performance can
    be found by visiting

    Information on application for the post can be found at:

    The application form can be located at:

    The main DCU web site is:

    Dr Kieran Moran
    Biomechanics Research Group
    School of Health and Human Performance
    Faculty of Science and Health
    Dublin City University
    Collins Avenue
    Dublin 7

    tel; 00 353 1 700 8011
    fax: 00 353 1 700 8888