Concerning a portable data acquisition system let me prsent
the following:
a. A NoteBook weight 5.5 Lb.
b. 486 25/50 MH.
c. 200 removeable hard disk
d. Full active matrix 256 colors
e. Expension docking station
f. A/D to support 16 Channels analog signals input
Software included:
g. Video Recording Playback 60 fields/second
h. Automatic Frame Grabbing
i. Digitizing Module for 2D and 3D automatic digitizing
with zooming capability
j. Transformation Module
k. Smoothing Module for various filtering options
l. Viewing Module for powerful VGA full color computer
m. Analog Module for EMG, Force Plate and any other analog
n. Graphing Module with interface to standard commercial
o. Kinetic Analysis Module to calculates and analyzes
forces and moments.
p. Printing module interfce with most printers and ploters

All these module can work in DOS, Windows or OS2/2.1
The price of the system complete with all the above and more
is $7500.00 !!!